By Lauren

The Apostate— review of Faith, Interrupted, The New York Times Sunday Book Review, July 1, 2010.

Almost 25 years ago, Richard Gilman wrote a wonderful account of his conversion from Judaism to Catholicism and his subsequent loss of faith; what begins as a tale of finding faith more »


Swine Flu Spells the End of the Common Cup The Wall Street Journal, October 9, 2009.

In many Roman Catholic churches across the country, lay people no longer receive wine at Communion, and some Catholic clergy have advised congregants not to shake hands or hug at the moment of the liturgy known as “the passing of the peace,” more »


Rise and Walk Suffering, prayer, and divine healing.

A friend of mine who pastors a large church in North Carolina recently totted up the prayer requests he gets from his parishioners. When they ask him for prayer, what do they want him to pray for? In short, healing. He realized what prompts the vast majority of these prayer requests is illness… more »


To Hell and Back: Why the Civil War was fought, and how it changed American death.— review of What This Cruel War Was Over

When I returned to Virginia after my sophomore year of college, I went back to my high school to pose a question to my beloved U.S. history teacher: how, I wanted to know, had I grown up thinking that the Civil War was fought over the tariff? It took exactly one week in a college history class… more »


After Divorce — review of
Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce

Elizabeth Marquardt’s book sat on my shelf for many weeks. I really wanted to read it. I had heard about her research and had been intrigued. Yet I kept avoiding actually opening the book. It does not take a shrink to tell me I was avoiding it because I didn’t want to take a look into this particular mirror… more »


Sleep Therapy

In search of a counterculture for the common good… more »


Who are my mother and my brothers? The Gospels Don’t Preach Family Values

Anticipating the holiday, I’ve set up six small crèche scenes, clay and porcelain re-creations of the Holy Family, throughout my house. And I’ll be traveling to spend Christmas with family in Georgia. The centrality of family to the holiday has prompted several prominent megachurches to close their doors this Christmas Sunday… more »



Psychic Pursuit — review of If the Spirit Moves You, Life and Love After Death

When the journalist and shopaholic Ruth Picardie died of breast cancer, she left behind toddler twins and a widower, Matt Seaton; fans all across Britain more »