Brown Fuzzy Mold on Wood

What will you do if there is a brown mold growing in your house? They will appear on a hard surface, such as wood, ceiling, or bathroom.

Mold usually appears in slimy or fuzzy appearance and what about brown fuzzy mold on wood?

Brown Mold on the Ceiling

The ceiling is one of the most favorite places for mold to grow because the situation is dark and moist. Mold really likes the atmosphere of the ceiling.

Moreover, the ceiling is rarely cleaned because it requires more energy and technique.

Brown Mold in the Bathroom

You know that the bathroom will always wet because you will always use them. The moisture level is very high in the bathroom because of the leakage, cleanliness or just the ventilation that is inadequate.

The appearance of the brown mold is like blobs that are small. It will be annoying to see it because it is dirty.

Brown Mold on the Wood

Brown mold originated from wood, no wonder if you see brown fuzzy mold on wood whether in your garden, furniture, or ceiling.

The appearance of brown mold is indeed fuzzy. Whether the wood is in the outdoor or indoor, once the spores of brown mold get there, it will start growing and damage the wood.

Then, how to remove it?

There are several strategies that will help you to remove brown mold. First, you need to put on a mask to avoid the spores inhaled by you and cause so many diseases.

If you have any kind of allergy, let anyone do it for you. Prepare water, detergent, and bleach and mix them all. Scrub the spot that is exposed to the brown mold with the mixture.

You can replace detergent with vinegar. If your carpet or another thing that absorbs water already exposed to the brown mold, you need to throw it well with double bags.

After you finish clean the spot, you need to keep the spot dry.

How to prevent it?

Your rooms also need fresh air, so you need to make good ventilation or more ventilation so that your room will have a good circulation of air.

Your interior must also need to be exposed to the sunlight. If there is broken furniture, fix it immediately.

Keep, throw, or do not buy carpet or anything that can absorb water to be placed in your bathroom. Clean your bathroom diligently.

Add an exhaust fan toilet to keep your bathroom dry after you use it or dehumidifier for another room.

Brown fuzzy mold on wood is really annoying, but you can remove and prevent them from coming back to your house.