How to Prevent Brown Mold in Crawl Space?

Home health is very important. This is because home health can also affect the health of your body. Therefore you need to check the humidity level of the house.

A healthy home is a house that is protected from moisture or wet. Humid homes are very unhealthy and dangerous.

In addition, humidity in the house can also cause the appearance of brown mold. The appearance of the fungus is not very good for you and your family, especially for those of you who have children.

Brown mold can usually cause asthma, lung infections, and even malignant diseases such as cancer. Therefore, you need to prevent it before these things happen.

This article will discuss how to prevent brown mold in crawl space.

In general, chocolate mold is caused by several things such as cracks, condensation, pump damage. Each of these causes has different ways of prevention.


Preventing brown mold caused by cracks is usually caused by increasing age. Therefore, you need to make sure there are no puddles in the house.

This is because the puddle will add damage to the house and more quickly bring up brown mold. In addition, you also need to check the sewers at home so that they can flow better.


To overcome the brown mold in crawl space can be done in two ways, namely by using antifungal paint and foundation. You can use antifungal paint on concrete foundations at home.

In general, brown mold will grow and develop more on concrete foundations. Therefore, you need to choose an antifungal paint to prevent, clean and kill brown mold growth.

The second way you can do is to protect the foundation of your concrete foundation by using various tools.

The tools that can be used are such as styrofoam, spray foam, and also ground floor protective paint.

The use of these tools serves to protect your concrete foundation from temperatures that are too humid.

Pump Damage

Sewer pumps in the house do have a very important function to facilitate waterways. Therefore, you need to have at least about 6 pumps at home.

In addition, with enough sewer pump will also prevent flooding in your home. Water that flows through the pipes will usually be discharged from your house.

However, if these pumps do not function properly, the water that is channeled will be released into the basement of your house. Therefore you need to use the highest quality pumps.

Those are the methods you can do to prevent brown mold in crawl space. In addition, you also need to ensure adequate ventilation and windows.

This is so that your home is free of moisture and has a very good quality of light and air.