Brown Mold on the Wall and How to Remove It

Brown mold is the enemy of many homeowners particularly during in the moist temperature. The spores of the mold are flying in the air and they are attached anywhere.

Commonly, they grow very rapidly in areas with no good air ventilation. Sure, such places tend to not having any good air circulation.

There are surely many effects that are caused by brown mold. Your house may look not good at all and dirty. Meanwhile, the bad smell must also make you feel not comfortable.

Not to forget, the spores of the mold can cause diseases like irritation and diarrhea, mainly if your condition is sensitive.

So, are you interested to know more about this type of mold and how to remove it? Learn some following explanations.

Types of Brown Mold on the Wall

Yes, at least, 2 types of mold commonly appear on your wall. They are known as the mold itself and mildew. Mold, as it has been described above, comes from the air spores.

It also grows and multiplies in a moist room with bad air circulation. That’s why; you may often see brown mold in dishwasher and bathroom since those places are commonly indeed really moist.

Aside from the lack of ventilation, the leak of pipe also often causes the mold anyway.

Besides, there is another type of mold, namely mildew. Slightly, it looks very similar to the mold since both are brown and attached to the wall. But if you watch them carefully, the difference is found.

The growth of mildew is started by a dark spot that can spread to the entire wall if you are not cleaning it immediately. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to differentiate whether the spot is mildew or only common dirt.

You can check it by wipe the spot carefully with a rug and bleacher. If it is removed, it means that the spot is mildew.


Although it sounds simple, cleaning the brown powdery mold in house needs preparations also. First of all, make sure that you are healthy and don’t have any allergy with mold, fungi, bacteria, and others.

If you are indicated to have one of those problems, it is better to ask someone to help you. Some following tools must also be worn to avoid problems while cleaning; they are gloves, eyes protection, and mask.

Open windows widely or turn on the fan during the cleaning process.

Meanwhile, what are tools you must prepare to clean the mold on the wall? There are some kitchen ingredients you can use; they are vinegar or baking soda, choose one of them.

Those ingredients are considered safer as well as effective to remove the mold. For baking soda, it must take a longer time. On the other hand, you can also choose whether it is bleacher or borax.

Those two things are more effective than vinegar or baking soda. However, they are also poisonous so that you must keep them away from the reach of your kids.

Steps to Clean Brown Mold

First of all, choose one of the ingredients or products mentioned above. If you want one of them that can remove the brown mold fastest, it is indeed the bleacher.

But at the same time, it means you must protect yourself well since the product may cause irritation. Even the bleacher can give you a respiratory problem if you inhale it too much.

That’s why; make sure to open all windows widely.

Second, make a solution from bleacher and water. The bleacher should be only a small amount compared to water; it is around 1:10. Mix the solution thoroughly using an unused spatula.

After that, pour the solution into a bottle spray.

Third, start to spray the entire area with mold. It is whether the brown mold in crawl space or simply on places that can be reached more easily.

It is better if the entire surface with mold is wet of the solution. You can wait it for around 5-10 minutes.

Fourth, rub the mold using a coarse rug. Or, you can also use brush to remove the mold more cleanly. If you think there is still mold remaining after you have rubbed the entire wall, you can spray it again.

Fifth, actually, the process is over. You only need to wait for the wall dry before doing activities around it. However, if you live with kids or pets, it is more recommended to rinse the wall using water.

Therefore, the remaining of toxin will not be touched by them. Then, let the wall dry to avoid the wall being too moist as well as the paint is not peeled off.

How to Prevent Brown Mold Re-appearing in the Future

Sure, cleaning the wall only is not enough. There are so many possibilities if in the future, whether mold or mildew will re-appear.

Moreover, you must also avoid some brown mold health effects that are indeed quite dangerous. So, you need to do prevention below.

First of all, prepare special products to remove mold. Yes, you can buy a bleacher product, vinegar, or anything else to make the mold gone.

Some cleaning products are now produced to clean dirt and mold on the wall anyway. For a long-term prevention, use the anti-fungi paint on the wall so that you will not be puzzled when the mold is found to grown at home.

Second, use also a humidifier. If you have a room that is really moist without enough ventilation, the use of humidifier is a good alternative to reduce the humidity level inside.

Sure, if the humidity level is reduced, it is basically the first step to avoid the growth of mold. When there is leak on the wall, you must also fix it immediately for sure.

Third, adding windows and ventilation is considered the best way to avoid mold. In fact, the absence of those things is the main cause of this problem.

With enough windows and ventilation, you can keep the atmosphere inside dry. The air and sunshine are circulated better and those things make your home and people inside healthier without brown mold.