Effects of the brown powdery mold in house

Brown powdery mold can be dangerous that growing in house. Generally mold lives in damp environment.

You need to know the type and effect of mold especially brown powdery mold in house.

In some cases, mold growth is too fast so that people could not prevent it. The most important to identify and remove the mold. The mold can be toxic for your health.

Effect mold for health

There are many effects that are caused by mold in your house. Sometimes, many people have sensitivity with mold.

If you have sensitivity, you will feel the symptoms like: chest congestion, cough, sneeze, skin irritation and headache.

The condition of respiratory will effect on people’s health, especially asthma. The type of brown powdery mold in house also produce mycotoxins.

It is one of the most dangerous things that can be effect for your health if you get for a long time.

There are dangerous diseases that caused of brown mold such as cancer, blood disorders, liver, pregnancy, heart, and hurting in lungs.

Type of mold in house

Mold can be growth everywhere which the place has a temperature of about 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is a hot issue because sometimes it is useful to mix with food but other hand, it is so dangerous.

There are many type of mold that make your bad conditions. Here are the types of molds in your house:

  1. Acremonium mold: this mold can grow in your house. Acremonium started with small mold to be a powdery substance. It will impair the function of brain. Generally, those have grey, brown, orange etc. and live in drain pans, window or coils.
  2. Aureobasidium: this type can live in wallpaper or wooden things. It has several colors like brown, black and pink. The health risk of aureobasidium is infection of skin. Do not touch this mold.
  3. Chaetomium: this is a mold that you can found in house or buildings. The texture of this mold like cotton and has brown and grey color. Effect of this mold for your health, you can get infections in skin and nail.  The common place is in pipes of your home.

How to fix it?

To get rid of brown powdery mold in house is one of the complex work. You should identify the type of mold to fix it.

If you face the dangerous mold, you can call the professional to remove or fix this mold. The mold has its own characteristics.

The common places mold growth are basements, roofs, window, or bathrooms.

If you face all the mold you can ask the professional mold because they have many safety equipment or tools to remove it.