How to get rid of the brown powdery mold on soil?

When people plant a bunch of chili in potting soil. Some cases, you will see the brown powdery mold on soil’s surface so that you cut or change the soil.

At the moment, the mold will grow again at the same plant. Is mold on soil bad or not? The answer is no, if the mold is white, it cannot be harmed.

Generally, mold will live in source of organic if the humidity is high. Each species has different characteristics.

Sometimes, you need to make sure the medium you used so that the substance of powdery brown will leave on the top of soil.

How to get rid of the brown powdery mold on soil?

If you see or get the brown powdery mold on soil, it is growth on top of soil and you can use the scoop to take away the mold from the soil.

Type of mold is lived on soil, called as saprophyte. Perhaps, this type can make the dangerous for your life.

But, the mold on soil will make your plant is rot of root. Do not forget to use the high quality of potting soil.

You cannot make the soil is moist so that let the soil dried. If you need moist soil, you have to wait till the top is dry.

You should also add the anti-fungal on your soil so that the brown powdery mold on soil not living there. The mold is easy to grow if you do not do it.

There are many give the baking soda, apple cider, or cinnamon as anti-fungal. It is the natural things to prevent the mold. You always need to cut the plants if needed.

Brown mold never be totally removed. The mold is a part or soil and not harm. Those steps to prevent the mold:

  1. Do not give the water too much. The water too much is the main cause to make mold growth in soil. The moist soil is high potency to make the mold living there. You need to know how much water is needed for your plant.
  2. The development of ventilation and reduce the humidity. Those conditions will make the brown powdery mold on soil thrives. Do not give too much water so that you can reduce the humidity of soil. Be sure you put the plant in well ventilation areas and you have use fan to give air for the soil. It can prevent the brown powdery mold on soil.