Can Brown Sugar Mold?

Sugar is one of the sweeteners that we often encounter and consume in our daily life. There are several types of sugar which have a different taste and appearance, but how about their endurance?

Can brown sugar mold? Check this out.

Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is indeed made from cane, but the process is different from the other sugar, which is the minimal process to produce it.

The process of crystallization is only once. The grain is slightly larger and the color is quite brown or golden. The aroma is floral.

The price is more expensive than the other one. It is usually used in cooking or baking.

Pearl Sugar

The appearance is not too different from the other sugars, but the difference is slightly noticeable.

The texture is coarse or hard and the grain is a bit big. Like its name, we can assume why the name is “pearl”.

Because it certainly looks like a pearl. The color is opaque. It is usually used for cookies, pastries, or buns for decoration.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is on the rise now. As we can see that many modern beverage products use brown sugar in their menus.

Does the amount of interest in consuming brown sugar make you curious about everything about brown sugar?

For example, can brown sugar mold? The durability of brown sugar is long enough to be stored. It can last for two years if saving it properly.

Brown sugar is quite a moist sugar. Yes, sugar, not only brown sugar, contains conservative for itself, but mold can easily grow in the humid environment.

So, it does not mean that mold cannot grow on it. The color of the mold is not necessarily brown also, so you cannot conclude the mold on brown sugar is brown mold.

Before you want to throw it away, you need to ensure that your brown sugar is still good to be consumed.

How do you know when it goes bad? First, there are small insects crawling your brown sugar.

Second is the smell of it. When it turns bad, the smell of your brown sugar will smell bad and just throw it.

Sanding Sugar

Sanding sugar is one of the common types of sugar that we often encounter in the market.

It usually can be found for sweetener in tea or coffee. The texture is soft and the grain is small.

Which sugar is your favorite? Now you know can brown sugar mold or not. Nothing is eternal, so keep looking for the best food to be consumed.