Can Orange Mold Make You Sick?

What will you do if you see an orange mold? Is it beautiful and disgusting? Maybe most of you will agree if the answer is disgusting.

Orange mold will damage the appearance of your room and reduce food delicacy. So, where orange mold often appears and can orange mold make you sick?

Orange Mold in bathroom or shower

Do not be surprised if the bathroom will be at the highest risk to descend with orange mold. A bathroom is a place that will be exposed to water every day. Then, the bathroom will be vulnerable to become moist.

On this occasion, the orange mold will grow. It often grows in a house without any soft water filters. It will often grow in the toilet bowl, especially if you do not flush the toilet after you use it. So, keep your bathroom clean because mold will grow if there are bacteria.

Orange mold on the walls

The orange mold growth is caused due to water leakage and moisture. It does not mean that only the exterior wall will be overgrown with orange mold. It can also grow on the interior walls of yours. At first, it will be difficult to be recognized until it expands, spreads, and smells. It also can grow with the high acidity of the rain in your area.

Orange mold on the woods

And again, orange mold will grow on the wood which is moist and wet. The other factors are because of a certain type of bacteria that “invite” orange mold to grow. Please pay attention to it because the orange mold would damage your wood. Want to know about “can orange mold make you sick?” Let us go further.

Orange mold on the foods

Foods are the very vulnerable thing and are liked by orange mold, especially for dairy products, such as cheese and bread, inside or the surface of it. It will be very difficult to decide if you want to keep the food or just throw it if it is already exposed to the orange mold.

It is arguable if orange mold can be eaten, but there is no further study to study it. There is no news that people get sick because of it, but you need to be extra careful because after all, it contains bacteria. So, it would be good if you eat the fresh one.

So, what is the answer to “can orange mold make you sick?” Not really. It does not have any bad health effects.