Aspergillus is a Brown Mold Toxic

Brown mold is one of the thousands of types of mold. Brown mold is an organism that arises and lives because of poor lighting and air conditions.

These organisms usually survive by depending on organics, water, and oxygen. At first, this fungus will appear like spots on the wall and over time will turn into a very thick brown color.

In addition, brown mold will grow into a very thick lump if left too long. There are many types of brown mold and some of them are very dangerous fungi.

One example is Aspergillus and this type is a brown mold toxic. Therefore, you need to know more about Aspergillus.

What is Aspergillus?

Aspergillus was first found in America. Aspergillus is one type of brown mold that usually often appears on the surface of a wall. This type of brown mold has very thick spores.

In addition, the characteristics of Aspergillus usually have a brown color and may even be black. Aspergillus will make the growth of the fungus chain on your wall.

This is because Aspergillus has up to 185 species of various colors. Aspergillus is a brown mold that is poisonous because this fungus belongs to the group of fungi A and B.

This fungus group can be a major cause of the emergence of various diseases that are harmful to your family.

Various diseases caused are such as asthma, allergies, inflammation and lung infections. In addition, Aspergillus can also cause death.

This is because this fungus produces aflatoxin and carcinogens.


Aspergillus is a brown mold toxic that can cause dangerous diseases such as Aspergillosis. Aspergillosis is not a dangerous disease that can be contagious, but still must be aware of.

Aspergillus mold spores are inhaled for those who have an unhealthy immune system, which can reduce the body’s immune system.

This can make the body lose many important cells that have the function to prevent the occurrence of Aspergillus spores from entering and taking over the body’s immune system.

Some of the symptoms of Aspergillosis that can be recognized are such as fever, headache, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, pain in bones and joints, drastic weight loss, and chest pain.

The Risks of Aspergillus

Based on the previous explanation, Aspergillus is very dangerous and can threaten health to the human body.

Various dangerous risks of Aspergillus is that it can weaken the immune system. In addition, this type of brown mold can also reduce the level of white blood cells which have an important function to fight fungal infections.

By lowering white blood cells in the body, it will make a person vulnerable to leukemia. Aspergillus can also cause cavities in the lungs and cystic fibrosis.

Those are some things you need to know about Aspergillus. This fungus can be found both inside and outside the room.

If in the room, Aspergillus can be found on the walls of houses and bathrooms. Aspergillus is a brown mold toxic that is worth watching out for.