Is brown mold dangerous?

Have you ever seen something strange brown on woods, walls, or on the ceiling of your house? Do you know what it is?

Now read below to find whether the brown thing is mold or not and is brown mold dangerous?

The Appearance

Mold usually has black patches that will grow on a hard surface. Its growth must spread and fill the room, which of course this can have an impact on the health and beauty of your house.

Brown mold will be a perfect place for small fungi to grow. So, it will look like a nastier. Do not easily conclude something on something similar to brown mold and that is true that it will be difficult to do.

But, with the basic knowledge, you will be helped a little. What are the molds that are similar to brown mold? There are Stemonitis, Aureobasidium Pullulans, Taeoniella, Ulocladium, and Pithomyces Chartarum.

If you are curious enough, you can analyze it in the lab. Brown mold is not necessarily brown, it can be yellowish or even black. It can grow thicker and uncontrollable.

The Causes to Grow

Mold is something natural to grow in our environment. But, if it already comes into your house, it will be annoying for you, not to mention if the molds smell bad. It starts when the spore of the mold spread through the air.

If it finds the perfect place for it, which is the moist environment, oxygen, and organic stuff, the root will start to settle, grow, and multiple. The next section will tell you about “is brown mold dangerous?”

The Health Risk

Same like the other types of mold, there will be several types of it that will be dangerous for you or your family member. You must be extra careful because it can cause allergies or other fatal diseases.

You do not know if the mold is poisonous or not. In what way can mold spread this disease? Mold will release their spores through the air. When you inhale this, it might trigger some allergic reaction and other problems for your respiratory system.

For example, Clasdoporium can cause several diseases for your lung or Penicillium is one of the types of brown mold that contains toxic. You can prevent it to grow by repair all damaged furniture.

So, what is the answer to “is brown mold dangerous?” Yes, it can be dangerous and fatal if you cannot take the right action.