Understand the Orange Mold Growing on Wood

In general, the mold is around us. For example, namely orange mold growing on wood. Mold also have their own characteristics. The difference in color they have is one form of an example.

Maybe we are more often see mold with black, green, or white. For orange mold itself is not very often found like other mold. But it is very easy to find in wood because they usually appear there.

Understanding the characteristics of them will certainly help us in understanding it. Some mold actually do not have harmful effects on health, while others can certainly harm health.

Place the mold orange growing

One of the places most often covered by orange mold is wood. But it should be noted that wood is often overgrown by mold people are usually wood that is outside the room, not indoors.

Wood outside the room often becomes damp because it is affected by climate change and weather.

In addition to wood, actually, orange mold can also be found in various places. Such as bathrooms, kitchens, certain walls, to some food.

Especially for food, orange mold is often found in fruits such as lemons and oranges because of the water content in the fruit and also various yogurt products.

Get rid of the mold orange

To get rid of orange mold growing on wood, you can use mold cleaners that are sold freely in stores. You just need to clean all the parts of the wood that are covered with orange wood.

Clean up until there are no more leftovers because if there is even a little residue, it will cause the orange mold to grow again.

If orange mold grows on home furniture made from wood, then you need to call in professional experts to overcome it. As a concern, first, see how the intensity of the area covered by the orange mold.

If it is more than apart, it should be discarded and replaced more recently because the structure has been affected by the orange mold.

Prevent the orange mold growing

The growth of the orange mold can actually be prevented. That way you don’t need to bother to clean it.

If you have wood outside the home, try to always be protected at least by a rainwater canopy so that water is not absorbed into the wood and becomes moist.

By doing this the orange mold growing on wood will not occur.