The Shape of Orange Powdery Mold on Wood

Wood outside the room will definitely have problems, such as the presence of orange powdery mold on wood.

This certainly cannot be avoided if the wood experiences humidity due to the influence of various temperatures, climate, and weather that occurs outside the room.

Moreover, if the conditions are the rainy season. The growth of the orange mold will grow faster.

The existence of this orange mold is characterized by patches of orange that appear on the surface of the wood. These patches if left to linger will change into a powder-like shape.

The growth of orange powdery mold on wood will certainly affect health. If you encounter something like this, it is strongly recommended that you were immediately clean or eliminate it.

Risk due to the appearance of orange mold

The appearance of the orange mold actually has the same risks as black mold, green mold, white mold, and others.

Even though these molds are actually more docile than other molds, the risks they carry can be dangerous for us, especially in terms of health.

The orange mold that grows later will grow small spores on the surface. The resulting spores will easily fly if exposed to the wind.

These spores that fly will certainly be dangerous if inhaled together with the air we breathe. Diseases that can arise because of this are like breathing problems.

Besides breathing, if a person has sensitive skin, spores that fall on the skin will cause irritation.

Why orange mold can grow

Orange mold is very like to grow in a humid place, rich in oxygen, warm, and also water that has high acidity.

This is the main factor causing wood that is outside easily overgrown with orange mold. In fact, the orange mold does not only grow outdoors but also indoors.

Several factors cause why orange mold is very easy to grow in certain places.

Such as poor ventilation in the room or poor humidity in the room which causes the orange mold to grow as easily as outdoors.

Things to do when there is an orange mold

The thing you need to do when you find an orange mold is to clean it. Whether you find it indoors or outdoors it’s like being in wood.

If left unchecked, orange mold will expand widely and quickly which can cause damage to the structure in which it grows.

That can be seen with the presence of orange powdery mold on wood.