How to Prevent Pink Mold in Our Bathtub

It might be challenging to eliminate every pink mold in our home. This is because the bacteria are mostly located in the air.

It might be hard to see the bacteria since it is very small. However, we can try to prevent or slow down the ability of pink mold in bathtub to grow.

Build a proper ventilation

Proper ventilation in your bathroom will reduce the moisture inside of it. Therefore, it will slow down the growth of pink mold. Make sure the air circulation of your bathroom is excellent.

If you feel or smell any kind of stink that hardly goes away, then the air circulation of your bathroom is not enough. Try to add more airways if it is still possible.

Use the fan

Most of the moistures come to the bathroom during showers. If you shower daily, you may want to put an extra fan inside the bathroom. Before taking a shower, turn the fan on.

Then, leave the fan on for about half an hour or more after you take a shower. It will help to prevent moisture buildup and make your bathroom cleaner. Hence, the bathtub will dry faster and reduce the pink mold in bathtub.

Adjust the windows

Opening the bathroom windows will allow more moisture to escape. Furthermore, it will give extra light to the bathroom. Pink mold usually loves a damp and dark environment.

Besides, more sunlight means that your bathroom will look more fresh and not scary.

If you feel that opening the window is violating your privacy, you can keep the window open when you are not there. Open the window after the shower and close it after 30 minutes. It will help to reduce the pink mold growth.

Wash rugs and shower curtains

It will be good if you can keep all the carpets out of your bathroom. If you have rugs or shower curtains, make sure you wash them at least one in a week.

If you have any other fabrics inside the bathroom, make sure you keep them clean and dry.

Clean the bathroom regularly

Your bathroom may not seem dirty, but you still need to clean it anyway. There are many microscopic bacteria in the bathroom, so do not wait until it gets too much to clean.

Pink mold also gets its food from soap. Clean the bathroom thoroughly at least once in a week to avoid pink mold in the bathtub. Use special liquids such as vinegar or essential oils that can kill the bacteria.