How To Prevent Pink Mold in Humidifier

More often than not, you figure out that there is a pink mold in humidifier that you use in your home. You started to worry whether this pink mold is naturally happened by the time, or it is caused by the bacteria.

The truth is that the pink stains that occur in your humidifier are related to the growth of bacteria on it. It is essential to know more about the mold in your humidifier since it could affect you and your family’s health.

Read this and you will get everything you have to know about mold and humidifier.

Why Pink Mold in Humidifier?

A humidifier is a tool that manages the humidity levels of air in your home. It could prevent your skin and lips from dryness since it is moist the surrounding air.

Since it is moist, it could be the perfect place for bacteria to live and proliferate. What you can do to prevent the growth of bacteria and restrict the occurrence of pink mold in humidifier will be explained here.

Refill the tank every day

One of the general guidelines for humidifiers is refilling the tank every day with clean water. This activity will prevent the forming of mineral deposits in your machine.

You should get rid of mineral deposits in your humidifier since it also could let your humidifier has a mold.

Simply clean your humidifier

The first thing you have to do before starting to clean your humidifier is unplugging your humidifier and remove the filter. Then, you need to rinse the filter by using only clean water.

Do not use cleaning products to flush it to prevent permanent damage to your filter machine. After that, you can dry the filter by using a towel and let the remaining water to drip off.

Also, you have to inspect the base of your humidifier whether it has any mineral deposits or not.

You need to clean this area using an old toothbrush that has been dipped with white vinegar before. White vinegar helps clean this area thoroughly.

Use disinfectant

After cleaning your humidifier’s filter, to completely prevent and remove the pink stains, try to use bleach or hydrogen peroxide with water.

Scrub it gently with this solution then rinse it with clean water. Finally, after it gets cleaned and dried, you can put back together with the humidifier and fill the tank with cool water.

If you do these activities regularly, the chance of pink mold in humidifier would be reduced.

For a fresh start, you could consider buying a brand new humidifier: