How to Get Rid of Pink Mold in Shower

Do you know what pink mold is? Sometimes pink mold in shower makes you wonder how this thing suddenly appears there. Pink mold happens when a strain of bacteria called Serratia marcescens produces pink stains in your shower head.

You need to get rid of it because you think that this color annoys you so much when you try to take a bath in your bathroom using your shower.

Although this thing is harmless to most healthy people, the bacteria could make an infection if it enters the eyes or open wounds in your body.

This article provides you with information about getting rid of pink mold in shower.

Scrubbing Down

Actually, if you want to remove the pink stains instantly, you can spray a diluted solution. But the results only make the pink stains lighter, and it will not completely kill the bacteria.

You need another tip to bleach and kill the bacteria by scrubbing down them. Before doing this process, you have to wear a pair of protective glasses and rubber gloves.

Then, you should prepare the materials to make a mixture, such as baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and water.

After that, you can dip a scrub brush into the mix and scrub your shower head with this. Finally, rinse the shower that has been cleaned using clean water.

Drying your shower

To prevent the growth of Serratia marcescens bacteria in your bathroom, you need to make your bathroom has a dry condition, even it is your shower.

After using your shower, you can dry your shower with a towel. If the condition of your shower is dry, it will limit the potential of bacteria to grow.

It is because the bacteria only can spread in wet conditions, thus making your shower dry is one of the best solutions to get rid of the pink stains in your shower head.

Using antimicrobial additives products

There are lots of antimicrobial additives products that you can use to remove the pink stains in your shower. You can easily find it on the internet and buy it online.

Also, many testimonials said that by using the antimicrobial additives, it reduces the number of pink stains occur in the showerhead.

Although applying this product is easy, you need to pay attention in using it, use a pair of gloves when you use this product.

You have to know that this way is the quickest solution to get rid of the issue regarding the pink mold in shower.