How To Get Rid of Pink Mold in Toilet

There are many steps to get rid of pink mold in toilet. Some of the methods may not be effective and require many efforts, but they are worth to try.

If you see pink mold in both the basement or bathroom, do not wait to clean the pink mold with these simple methods.

Using scrub brush to remove pink mold

One of the simplest tools to remove pink mold is by taking the scrub brush. Scrub the contaminated area and wash it with water.

Moreover, if you wish to use other solutions with a better smell than vinegar, you may want to consider oils from a tea tree.

You can also use essential oil from lavender or add those essential oils into the laundry. The solutions will act as bacteria defender that kill the pink mold.

However, you can also use the vinegar solution to enhance the cleaning process.

Wash with washing machine

Make sure that the product is washing machine safe. You can add vinegar solution or bleach that is safe for colored clothes to make it cleaner.

Then, you need to dry the rugs or curtains with the hottest heat setting. Dry cleaning may also be required for some products.

However, if the options are not available, you can just soak your rugs or curtains in the vinegar and water solution for about 15 minutes to get rid of pink mold in toilet.

Rugs or shower curtains with pink mold on it can be washed by using the heavy cycle on the washing machine.

Vinegar and water solution

Vinegar and water can be easily found in most of the kitchen. Take vinegar and tap water, about 50 percent for each. Then, mix them in a container or sprayer.

You can just spray the mixture solution into the area that is affected by pink molds. This way, you have to make sure that the acids contained inside the vinegar have killed the bacteria.

Let the solution work for 10 minutes or so. You can wash and rinse the area with water afterward.

Other cleaning agents

Bacteria can be neutralized by using the grapefruit juice, lime, or lemon water. These cleaning agents effectively work when we allow them to sit the product for about 20 minutes.

Other regular disinfectant chemicals are sold in the store. The most useful products to fight the pink mold is bleach products and hydrogen peroxide.

You may not want to take baking soda and use it as a disinfectant to clean the pink mold in toilet. It is more likely to have no effects on removing the pink mold.