Beware When You See Pink Mold on Food

Have you ever seen pink mold on food? Pink mold which happens on food is like another mold occurs in other things like shower and humidifier.

It could appear because of the growth of bacteria inside. Usually, the food which is prone to the bacteria is bread and dairy products.

It could easily be the favorite place for bacteria to grow because it contains the nutrients which supply the life of bacteria.

Some people said that eating the food with pink mold in it is safe as long as you do not eat the moldy part of it.

But beware! Eating the food which contains pink mold means that you let the bacteria from that food to go inside to your stomach and body.

To prevent your food from the growing of bacteria which causes pink mold on food, you have to do these things.

Store it in a fridge

To inhibit the bacteria from growing in your food, you can store your food in a refrigerator. But, make sure that your fridge is cold enough to be the best place to store frozen food.

The important thing you should take note is do not store hot or warm food directly to your fridge.

You have to wait for the food until it reaches room temperature before storing it on your fridge.

Although your refrigerator will not let the bacteria to proliferate, my suggestion does not store the food in a long time, because the nutrients from the food will be gone.

Throw away the food

When you have seen mold on your food, I bet it ruins your dining. Do not force yourself to eat the food.

You have to throw it away so that the bacteria will not affect the other meals. However, you cannot compost it, as this will let the bacteria go to the soil.

Although mold is not really that harm, we need to take action when see it happening on the things we have, even it is our own food.

Because whatever the things that show us the mold on it, it means that there are already bacteria lives and grows.

Make sure that you buy sealed food

Mold could happen when there is a perfect condition for bacteria to grow. One of the conditions is there is contact between the media and the free air outside.

The bacteria come from the air, thus do not buy the broken sealed food. When you buy the broken sealed food, it means that you let a contact between the media and the free air outside.

The bacteria will keep growing and proliferating in your diet as the media to grow. Besides, you need to buy products which still have a long expiration date to prevent the pink mold on food occurs.