Why Is There a Pink Mold on Shower Curtain?

Have you ever noticed that your shower curtain is covered by some pink molds while you are taking a shower? Do you know what that is?

Have you ever wondered whether it is dangerous or not? Here, we have answers to some of your questions about pink mold on shower curtain.

What is pink mold, actually?

It feels gross to have mold in our bathroom. Mold is a fungus that lives in a humid, damp, and warm environment. Because baths typically suit these environments, it becomes a heaven for the mold.

Some examples of pink mold may actually be a fungus that comes in different colors ranging from pink, purple, to black. However, according to scientists and researchers, the pink thing that forms on your shower curtain is not always a mold.

In fact, it can also be a bacteria called Serratia marcescens. Along with pink mold, we may also find toxic black mold, a type of bacteria called Stachybotrys chartarum.

Anyway, all of them may cause some health problems if we do not clean them from our shower curtain.

How is it formed?

As mentioned before, pink mold loves the bathroom environment. Bacteria can quickly move from one place to another by riding a carrier such as humans.

It can also flow through the air or water and ends up as a pink mold on shower curtain in our bathrooms. The water during our shower makes the bathroom wet, especially the shower curtain.

It can also get a warm environment from the steam water, sunlight from windows, heater, or lamps. Once the bacteria finds its suitable environment, it will stay and form a more massive colony until we can see them as pink mold.

The moist environment in the bathrooms thrives the bacteria to grow faster. Moreover, it feeds on some fatty deposits from our soap and shampoo residue.

It also gets rich mineral deposits from our soap scum as we take a shower.

Is pink mold harmful to humans?

Most healthy people will find pink mold harmless. However, it can also cause their skin to brush up against the pink mold.

Even worse, it can make our family, or everyone who uses the shower, to get some various ailments.

The ailments may include urinary tract or bladder infections. For people with compromised immune systems, the variety and the severity of the illnesses may increase and worst.

The pink mold on shower curtain may enter the body through open wounds or through their eyes. Therefore, we have to protect our family by removing the bacteria before it multiplies and increases our exposure to it.