4 Ingredients to Remove Pink Mold in Bathroom

Pink mold is a kind of bacteria that is attached to moist places like shower and bathroom. Of course, it is actually not dangerous at all. But if you keep it that way, the mold may damage bathroom materials including concrete bricks and wood.

Besides, it makes your bathroom look dirty and nit healthy. Based on that fact, it is much better if you get rid of it as soon as possible. In many cases, the mold cannot be simply removed by only wiping or brush it.

There are some other ingredients you should use to solve this problem. What are they?


Do you have a bottle of vinegar in the kitchen? So, you can just use it. Rather than smearing vinegar to the mold area, you can simply put vinegar into the spray bottle. Besides, prepare also 2 sheets of unused rug.

It is better not to add water into the vinegar since the combination is not as effective as pure vinegar in removing the pink mold. After the area has been wet, try to rub it smoothly using the rug until it is really clean.

Indeed, vinegar may remain odor. But you should not worry. Open the door and windows and then smell will disappear only in around 1-2 hours. After spraying the vinegar, you can refill the bottle using water only.

Spray it again gently and then wipe the area using the second rug. Now, the pink mold in shower and other spots is no longer seen.


Borax is known as a natural insecticide and fungicide. In other words, you can use it to remove mold in any place at home. So, prepare around 200 grams of borax and 3 liters of water.

You can use a bucket first to mix them thoroughly. The borax water is placed into a spray bottle and spray it to the surface that you want to clean.

Different from using vinegar in which you need to rinse it, you don’t need to re-spray it with water. This method is even really helpful to avoid the growth of the mold in the future.

Interestingly, borax can be simply found in shops around, mainly in the area of home cleaners. However, after using it, make sure to wash your hands with soap. Moreover, it is if you want to eat something after that.

Besides, make sure that it is kept well and as far as possible from children.


In some cases, pink mold can be gone only by using detergent. It is mainly if the bacteria are found in fabrics like the pink mold on shower curtain. Indeed, you need to do some efforts to make the mold completely removed from it.

First of all, smear around a teaspoon of detergent on the area with pink mold. Soak the curtain or probably clothes in a bucket of water. Wait for at least 2 hours until it looks like the mold will be easier to remove.

After 2 hours, rub the mold area gently using your hands. If it looks very difficult to remove, you can brush it anyway. How long you must rub or brush is based on the thickness of the pink mold.

Of course, it is possible to see it gone faster. But in some cases, you must soak it with detergent one more time to make the curtain or clothes completely cleaned.


If detergent is quite effective to remove mold on fabrics, unfortunately, it is not that good for pink mold in toilet or bathtub. Maybe, you can use the detergent’s partner; it is bleacher.

Bleacher is known to be a very effective cleaning ingredient for non-pores materials like brick or iron. However, it is not really suggested in the mold grows on wooden stuff. Besides, bleacher is also quite poisonous if you are not using carefully.

To apply it, you can create a solution of bleacher and water with a comparison of 1:10. You can use a spray bottle just like using vinegar or borax. After spraying it, wait for some minutes until it is dry.

For a more effective result, you actually don’t need to rinse it anyway. But sometimes, rinsing the solution is still important to do if there is a possibility that your kids or pets are touching the cleaning surface.

Besides, there are some rules also related to applying bleacher to clean the bathroom. Make sure to always wear gloves.

Besides, the door or windows must always be opened so that you will not inhale the bleacher’s vapor too much. The bleacher solution should not also sprinkle to your eyes. Yes, it can cause irritation.

Baking Soda

Compared to other ingredients or liquid above, baking soda is probably the less effective one. But at the same time, it is the safest mainly if you don’t want to take a risk of it being touched by your children.

Meanwhile, you can use it if the pink mold in humidifier is not too thick.

Again, you can make a solution consists of the baking soda and water with a comparison of 50:50. It depends on your wants whether the solution will be put into a spray bottle or simply smear it to the mold area.

Yes, don’t worry about the solution touching your skin; it will not cause irritation at all. the most important point here is rubbing the mold. You need to rub it well to make sure that the mold is gone. Be careful so that you will not damage or scratch the surface.


Sure, you can also a cleaning liquid you buy in the store to remove the mold. But if you just don’t have time to get them, some ingredients above are smart choices for this problem.

Moreover, vinegar, borax, bleacher, and baking soda are commonly just available at home.

They can also be used to clean your bathroom completely and remove other types of dirt, more importantly, make sure to always keep your bathroom clean so that the pink mold will not appear again in the future.